Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Arizona Immigration Law and California's Failed Democracy

Sunday, April 24, 2011 at 10:00am
People seem really misinformed about the Arizona law and Californians have been shown to be severely misinformed on propositions both passed and proposed. So here's the real break down:

Arizona has a problem with illegal immigrants, there are too many and crime has increased significantly. California does too with over 100,000 illegal immigrant inmates, but that's another story.
It is the Federal government's job to identify and deport illegal aliens. They claim it its too hard to find them and identify them. So, Arizona passed a law that gives the police department the right to detain and identify people if and only if they have been pulled over or taken in for breaking the law.

We all have to show our drivers licenses when we get pulled over. If you forgot yours, they run your name through their data base. If you're not there, they then have the right to take you in and verify that you are a citizen. If the police verify that you are not a citizen, the Federal government is obligated to deport you. Arizona has taken it upon themselves to do the identifying because the Federal government isn't doing it's job. The Federal government fought back and said it wasn't constitutional and that identifying fell under their domain. This is what the real fight is about. If the Federal government is incompetent or refuses to do one of it's jobs, do the states have the right to protect their people and do it themselves?

Many politicians target people fresh off the boat for votes. They tell you vote for this or vote for that because it will benefit you this way. No one reads what the actual laws and propositions are, especially if they don't know the language very well. So why would these politicians want to get rid of such a large voter pool? They don't. So what is the fastest and easiest way to discredit an unfavorable proposition? Slander. Attach a word or phrase like "racial profiling" and spread fear. People become so upset that they refuse to even read the law. Why should they, it's all over the TV and the media doesn't lie. Classic Goebbels propaganda, tell a lie over and over again and it becomes the truth.

Did you know that other governments study California as a failed democracy? The population is so misinformed about what propositions, even passed ones, really mean that a study published by the magazine "the Economist" compare it with severe brain washing. They asked several different types of people from the highly educated to the high school drop outs questions such as what is the largest expense item for the state? Only 9% got it right. What was really interesting is that in CA, the more educated and wealthy you are the more likely you are to get it WRONG. Hmm, why is that.

The prison system including the courts make up 8% of the total budget. California spends $47,000 per inmate. But it's not the largest expenditure. Education and Higher Education take up 45% of the total state budget. I haven't seen my 47 grand have you? So where does this money go because all I hear are teachers complaining that they don't get paid enough and that so much money is being spent on the police department which would be better used by Education. Does the union soak it up as it pimps out it's teachers, or does California really have that many people going to school? Maybe both I don't know, but they have a lot of money and power. Would the education system use it's professors to influence students? Because then it makes more sense that the higher your education the more misinformed you are because you have been exposed the longest to their propaganda. So is seems that the largest contributors to the Republican party, the Criminal Justice system, and the largest contributors to the Democratic party, the Education system, are duking it out for voter perception.

What we need is transparency when it comes to government spending. I think education is important, and so are many other things like security and fire safety, but we need to know how the money is going to be and or is being spent. How else can we clean up this state?

The Arizona law specifically protects against racial profiling. See line 30.

For a documentary on the corruption of teachers unions watch "The Cartel" by Bob Bowdon.

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